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The Open Content Network is a collaborative effort to help deliver large, freely-downloadable content using peer-to-peer technology. The network is essentially a huge “virtual web server” that links together thousands of computers for the purpose of helping out over-burdened web sites.

Using various web browser plug-ins, users can download open source and public domain software, movies, and music at incredibly fast speeds from this global, distributed network.

Using a new Peer-to-Peer technology, called the “”, indviduals will be able to help distribute free content by donating their spare bandwidth and disk space to the network.

Note: Contrary to what some articles may say, the OCN is not a file sharing network like Kazaa. Rather, it is a controlled content delivery network for legitimate freely-distributable content.

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OCN News

– Etree Audio Archives Joins OCN
The Etree audio archives from the Internet Archive are now being distributed via the Open Content Network.

– Tree Hash EXchange Spec Released
The first public draft of the is now available. This specification defines a format for exchanging hash tree information which is used to verify files in distributed content delivery networks.

– OCN to Support Creative Commons
The Open Content Network will work with the Creative Commons to deliver freely-distributable content via the Open Content Network.


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